Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last weekend we decided very last minute to go up to a ranch in Oklahoma to meet up with some friends from JBU.
Thomas and I went to the same ranch back in March for a weekend getaway.
It's a beautiful place.

Caleb is living and working at the ranch (renovating the entire ranch house). Matt and Haley were living across the border in Arkansas, but they moved up to Missouri this week so we wanted to see them before they moved further north.

We did fun stuff like driving around in a Jeep and on a four-wheeler to see the ranch.
Thomas & Matt on the four-wheeler 

Matt & Haley on the four-wheeler through the dirty back window of the Jeep.

Me & Thomas on the four-wheeler.
Thomas wore my sunglasses so he wouldn't get bugs in his eyes.


And we went swimming in the salt water pool.

We ate good food.
Caleb and his steaks.

S'mores for dessert.
Haley and her tiny little baby bump roasting marshmallows.

Hobo burgers for lunch the next day.
If you've never had a hobo burger, you're missing out.

Basically, a hobo burger is ground beef, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, peppers (whatever veggies you want), and cream of mushroom soup wrapped up in aluminium foil and thrown in the fire for an hour or so.
SO good.

The boys

A few goodbye pictures before we parted ways...

The boys and the obligatory Squatting Felix picture.

Matt & Haley & Baby Boyd!

 The group of us :)

What a fun weekend!

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