Saturday, April 23, 2011

* Dream Car *

I love Mini Coopers.
I have loved them ever since I was a little girl.
I have several toy/model Mini Coopers, in fact. My favorite one has a British flag on the roof.
I have a goal to own a Mini Cooper at least once in my life, if only for a year or so.
The problem with the Mini Cooper is that it's not extremely practical.
It only has two doors, a very cramped back seat, and minimal luggage space.
It's also very low to the ground, and I like to be higher off the ground when I drive. It makes me feel safer.
Despite all that, I was still determined to own a Mini Cooper at some point, even if it was only briefly.
Preferably a red one, with little Union Jacks on the side mirrors.
And maybe some racing stripes.

And THEN, I discovered that Mini Cooper had solved all of the problems I mentioned above, just for me (or so I like to think).
This year they came out with the Mini Cooper Countryman.
A 4-door SUV/crossover higher ground clearance Mini Cooper.
And it's perfect.

Yes, it's a little bigger than the original Mini Cooper. But I love it.

The interior

2012 Mini Countryman Interior

The back seats. With the awesome center console rail that you can clip different accessories into (cupholders etc.).

Fortunately, Thomas loves Mini Coopers too, otherwise this could be a major point of contention in our marriage.
But he is just as excited by the Mini Cooper Countryman as I am.
[Ok, maybe I'm a little bit more excited.]
Excuse me while I go drool over more pictures.
Oh, and you can also build your own custom Mini Cooper Countryman on their website. 
I'll probably do that too *cough* again.

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