Monday, June 13, 2011


Last night the hubby and I had the biggest shock of our lives...

Two pink lines!

We were not trying to get pregnant, and we are not quite sure how it happened (well...  obviously we know how it happened... but still).

This morning I took another test just to be sure... and sure enough...


I've named the little peanut Baby Appleseed, because apparently the baby is currently the size of an appleseed (according to my rough calculations I am about 5 weeks pregnant), and I thought that was a cute little name.

I'll be keeping this blog anonymous until the end of the 1st trimester, because we are not planning on announcing the pregnancy until after 12 weeks. But I wanted to keep a record of my thoughts and symptoms and, of course, the ever growing baby bump while we wait to tell people. 

So far, my only symptoms are slight crampy feelings, sore boobs, and constantly having to pee (sorry if that's TMI... but this is my blog, and that's just what you're gonna get). And I think I'm more tired than usual. Oh, and talk about VIVID dreams... I dreamed last night that cockroaches were crawling up our bedroom wall and it was SO real and freaky. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed and sending up lots of prayers that it doesn't get much worse than this... I'm kind of terrified of morning sickness.

Hubs and I are equal parts in shock, nervous, excited, terrified, and happy. This baby was not in our "best laid plans" and we will have to work hard to be financially ready for it. We have lots of decisions to make... if we should move closer to family (which is complicated because both of our families live mostly overseas), what kind of saving we should be doing and how to better manage our finances, if we should look at buying a house, if I should continue looking for a job or find a way to work from home... I don't even know how to go about picking an OB-GYN. We are overwhelmed, but still thankful... a baby is always a blessing.

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