Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The story of how we found out.

Before I forget, I want to write down the story of how we found out about Baby Appleseed... you know, for posterity. In case posterity is interested.

It was a blisteringly hot late Sunday afternoon (the 12th of June) and the hubby and I decided to go for a run around the 2-mile loop near our apartment. The temperature was at least 100 F and humidity was so high I had a hard time breathing - I felt like I was sucking in water instead of air. I have no idea why we thought it was a good idea to go running when it was so ridiculously hot. But off we went... we walked the first little bit to warm up, then start jogging. I barely made it half a mile before I had to stop. I felt SO overheated. The sun was beating down and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath, it was just too hot. We ended up walking most of the rest of the way, jogging occasionally when we came to a shady area where it felt slightly less unbearably hot. The hubby could have run more, but I was just too tired.

I was so exhausted when we got home - my feet felt like they were boiling in my shoes and the rest of me was just radiating heat. We both just sprawled out on the living room floor with the air-conditioning blasting, trying to cool off. Once I was decently cooled off, I decided to take a cold shower. Before I got in the shower, however, something made me pull out a pregnancy test and take it.

Here's a little back story: I have very irregular cycles, so I keep a little stockpile of pregnancy tests so I can test to make sure I'm not pregnant. Also, for the two weeks before this fateful Sunday the 12th of June, certain parts of my anatomy in the chest area *ahem* *cough, cough* had been very tender (but that's also not uncommon with my irregular cycles). So it was a combination of that, and the fact that I just felt unusually exhausted after this run/walk, that made me take a test. I was FULLY expecting it to be completely negative, like every test I'd ever taken before.

After I took the test I set it down and walked out of the bathroom to grab my towel. I returned only a few seconds later, and there staring back up at me were TWO PINK LINES. * cue panic attack * When I got my voice back, I yelled for the hubby to come see, just to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me.  They weren't.

Here's the picture again.

The rest of the evening was spent in a daze. I think we watched some TV, ate some dinner, and just sat on the couch trying to wrap our minds around the idea that I was pregnant.

Oh Baby Appleseed, how you have turned our lives upside down! In a good way, of course.

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