Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clevedon {England, post 1}

So, we're in England.
We have been for a week now.
And Thomas actually had to fly back to Dallas today for work :(
But I'm staying for another [almost] three weeks.

Blogger has been very finicky and I've only just managed to finish this post after a few days of trying... it was not letting me upload pictures.

Without further ado, here's part of what we've been up to all week.

We're staying in a beautiful seafront apartment in Clevedon, which is a small coastal town just outside of Bristol.
The living room has a big window overlooking the ocean and you can see Wales across the bay, and the sun sets over it every evening.
Here are a few of the sunsets I've captured from the window.

Through the rain-spattered window.
 We explored Clevedon on foot.
From this peninsula you can just about see the apartment we are staying in - it's near that pier jutting out into the sea.

Walking along the Poet's Walk.

English wildflowers.

Low tide - mud flats.

Stranded boats.

Thomas, Matt, and I went out for fish 'n chips one evening.

We went on a walk along the coastline and found an open field where the boys played frisbee.

Running after the frisbee which rolled down the hill into the bushes...

We also went out onto the pier one evening, which you can see from the window of the apartment.
 We took some pictures from the end of the pier of where the apartment is.

I circled it in red.

Closer up.

Me & Thomas out on the pier.

Dan, me, Dad, and Matt.

We also did day trips to Stonehenge, Bath, Bristol, and Liverpool last week, but those will have to wait for other posts. Blogger is still being finicky, and it took me nearly four hours to get just these pictures loaded into the post!

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