Friday, September 23, 2011

Congdon Family Reunion (post 2)

Almost 2 months late... but better late than never :)

The reunion was held at a campsite along the Oregon coast near Twin Rocks.

Here are a few pictures that Thomas's cousin Katy got of the beach and coastline... I forgot my camera each time we walked down there.

These are the Twin Rocks.


There was a lake at the campsite where you could go swimming and boating.

 Robert, Thomas, Timo, and Stephen going kayaking

Thomas came back to go kayaking with me.

The blob.

Timo, Stephen, and Robert doing some archery

Thomas looking like a pro.

Me looking like a weakling.

 The dining hall. Reminded me of boarding school.

The beautiful family tree that Harriet made.

14 children (12 still living), 59 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren. Wowzers!

Cousin Lucy loved Thomas.

And Robert.

And Timo (putting flowers in his hair).

Paul keeping some of the youngsters entertained.

Babies, babies everywhere!

Katy and baby Asher.

Harriet and baby Emma.

Rhoda and baby Noah.

Marianne and baby Michael.

Sarah and baby Drew.

Adriel and baby Cora.

Oh and look! It's Lucy on Robert's shoulders again :)

All the kids had an absolute blast.

It seemed like there were hundreds of little waist-high human beings running around! What fun :)

At one of the meetings...

The twelve siblings being interviewed... everyone is laughing because it was Uncle Steve's turn and he said something funny, of course.

And the amazing singing Miller family :)

The cabin that we stayed in. There was a big central room and lofts on either side with bunk beds... one side for guys, one side for girls.

The girl's side... you can see the door at the top right. There were 7 or 8 "older" girls in the room (high school, college, young married)... and about the same for the "older" guys on the other side.
There were many other cabins, some with whole families, some with just kids (which the kids loved, of course).

And a quick one of Bekah and me before we left for the airport.

 Me and Thomas at the airport, sad because we had to leave.

The reunion was a blast! I hope we get to do another one in a few years!

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