Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm really am pregnant.

Those pee-on-a-stick pregnancy tests are obviously very accurate, but nothing compares to the doctor's office calling to give you the results of your blood tests, which resoundingly say I'm pregnant.

I had my first blood test on Tuesday. Blood tests are fairly traumatic for me... I've had bad experiences with them since I was a little girl. I've fainted twice and I come close to fainting every time. I was nervous because my husband couldn't come with me and I would have to drive myself home afterwards. I ate lunch just before I went to keep my blood sugar up, and I drank LOTS of water all day long to keep my blood volume up. Both of these tactics worked... and I told the technician I would need to lie down for the test because I'm a fainter. The blood test was over in about 5 seconds. I stayed lying down for a couple of minutes just in case and got up slowly and I was fine. I got a fairly bad bruise at the site of the blood test, though.

On Wednesday the doctor's office called and told me my progesterone level was 18.5, which was very good. Apparently they want it to be at least 11. My HCG (or beta) level was 253. I asked if this gave them an idea of how far along I was, and the nurse who called said if she had to guess she would put me around 5 weeks, which is what I was thinking.

I had another blood test on Thursday to make sure my HCG levels were going up. The nurse told me they like to see them about double every 48 hours. This blood test was worse, for some reason. The technician put the rubber band/tourniquet around my arm, then got a phone call and left for a few minutes. By the time she got back, my arm was throbbing. She did the test on my left arm, since the first blood test had bruised my right arm, and she did it on the outer part of my elbow crease because apparently that's less prone to bruising. This time around I could feel the needle going in and coming out, and it took longer (maybe my blood volume wasn't as high as the first time?). Whatever the case, I felt pretty shaky when it was over and had to stay lying down for a while and then get up really slowly.

Ah, the trials I am already going through for you, Baby Appleseed! I am fully aware that there are much scarier things (ummm, LABOR!?) to come, but we'll take it step by step.

Blood test battle wounds. Bruise on my right arm, bandaid on my left.

The doctors office called yesterday (Friday) and told me that my HCG/beta level had gone up to 668. It more than doubled, and the nurse said that was very good. We set my first ultrasound appointment for the 29th of June. I can't wait to see Baby Appleseed and hear his/her heartbeat!

Little outfits that the hubby and I got to take pictures with :)

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