Friday, June 3, 2011

farewell, May

It seems like May was over before it even began. I didn't even realize it was June until today.
It's true what they say about time going faster and faster as you get older.
{Because 22 is such a grand old age and all...}

So far, in the month of June (the whole three days, for most of which I was unaware that it was June):

We ate our favorite sushi...

We have recently become obsessed with Central Market's sushi... they make it right on the spot for you. Our favorites are the california rolls and the volcano rolls. I need to figure out how to make it myself... I have a bamboo sushi mat & paddle, but I've never attempted it. It looks like it takes lots of practice.

The little square dishes are pickled ginger (left), Central Market's spicy sushi sauce (middle), and wasabi (right).
We had our own little dishes of soy sauce.

I like mixing the wasabi and pickled ginger in the soy sauce, and then dipping the rolled sushi in it.
Thomas prefers the spicy sauce and the soy sauce with his sushi.


It's been two months since I planted my little patio garden now, and the herbs have been growing especially fast
I harvested a bunch of oregano and basil, and a sprig of rosemary yesterday. I used some of it for our pizza last night, but I washed, stripped and dried most of the oregano and froze it for later use. That way I'll have "fresh" oregano even after it stops growing in the winter.

A couple days ago I picked my first green beans.
I would have more by now, but the organic pesticide that I use has an adverse effect on my green bean plants... the leaves seem to get "burnt" by the stuff. I've stopped using it on them, but they'll take a little bit to recover.

Now that it's June, the temperatures are well into the 90's every day and sometimes reaching the 100s. I'm a little worried about how my garden's going to cope with the heat. I give the plants lots of water every evening, and by the next evening the soil is dry again. I suppose people have been growing gardens successfully in the Texas heat for a long time, though.

And that's about it for June so far. I suppose it has only been a couple of days since we bid May farewell...

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  1. I can't believe it's June either! The year is nearly half gone!

    Send some of your heat our way - we'll appreciate a bit more sun!


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