Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Judah's First Christmas

The night before...
Our little 4-foot tree up on a side table out of reach of little hands.

Presents (pretty much all for Judah!) waiting to be opened.

We did stockings when we woke up on Christmas morning and Judah was like "Oh! This is for me?!"

He wasn't quite sure what to do with it, though.
After stockings, we read Luke 2 and then opened the pile of presents, mostly while Skyping with Nana and Grandad.
We had Christmas lunch with the Whitson family (friends from Kenya). 
Milling around the delicious food.

Judah got to sit in his own seat for a while. He though that was pretty awesome.

He looked adorable in his Christmas outfit.

He tried a lime wedge.

Made a funny face.

But kept going back for more with a concerned expression.

Handsome boys.

It snowed! In Dallas! On Christmas Day!

And they had a puppy. Judah LOVES puppies.

Judah entertained everyone.

He was "throwing" the ball to people...

Exploring with Stephen

Family Christmas picture.

Judah spotted the puppy and was trying to get at him... haha.

Back at home, surrounded by some of Judah's Christmas loot!

Daddy playing with Judah's his new lincoln logs :)

He built a house.

After Judah was in bed we had a late night Christmas breakfast-for-dinner and popped some of our Christmas crackers (thanks Dan!) :)

Judah's first Christmas was perfect! Relaxed, fun, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Christmas time in the city...

Just recording some Christmas memories...

We've gone on a couple of outings to the Dallas Arboretum - this one was during the day and there was a real live reindeer. Judah loves animals and the reindeer was no exception.

This is his super excited face, haha :)

He kept trying to wriggle out of my arms and climb through the bars to get at the reindeer.

We went to the arboretum again in the evening for the "Chihuly Nights" display (and Thomas took LOADS of pictures of that, I'll let him sort through them first)... but there were also lots of Christmas trees which Judah was excited about!

We also took Judah to see the trains at Northpark mall... they really are amazing - it's a huge snowy winter display with tracks and trains winding their way around.
Judah was fascinated!

I'm loving this Christmas season! Last Christmas I was stuck inside on bed rest to keep Judah inside for a few more weeks, so this Christmas is extra special. Judah's first one! And all the presents under the tree are for him, of course :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa Claus is comin' to town...

Judah went to see Santa! Thomas works with a lady whose husband IS Santa... no really, he is. She set up a little party for kids to visit Santa and was so kind to include us!

At first Judah looked at me like... "mom, what is this?"

"Still not so sure about this, but I'll look at the camera"

Just makin' sure mom is still right there...

And my personal favorite...
"Oh, hi! Who are you?"

And then we got a few family shots :)

Yay! All smiling!


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