Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two years ago today...

... we were getting married! It was such a beautiful, sunny South African day... and the wedding was just perfect. Close friends and family were there to celebrate with us, and the whole day was one big happy memory. It was relaxed and full of joy.

The Ceremony

Getting ready

Headed to the church

Getting out of the car...

My daddy :)

Waiting outside the church with my beautiful bridesmaids

The boys waiting inside
Walking in

Saying our vows

Candle ceremony with our mothers

The kiss!

Blessing prayer by our fathers

Laura and Mary sang "For the Beauty of the Earth"... beautifully, I might add :)

We're married!

Our two families... missing Thomas's youngest brother Paul whose passport had expired [which they only discovered at the airport] so he couldn't travel out of Kenya :(
With Laura & Mary

With Timo & Robert
The Reception

Every time someone came up and sang us a love song, we had to kiss. It was such a fun thing, and everyone got involved.
My parents

Thomas's parents

Flower arrangements

 The amazing cake that my mom made. She made my dress [which was perfect] as well. She's multi-talented :)

A few of my favorite pictures of us:

[I just think this one is hilarious]

Happy 2nd Anniversary to us! The best two years of my life thus far!

I'm excited to see what the next few years hold. It's fun to be young and feel like we have our whole lives in front of us... who knows what might be around the next corner. The unknown is exciting, and maybe a little unnerving. The greatest thing about it is that I get to take every step with my very best friend.

{ If you want to see more wedding pictures click here }

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