Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Photo Project Days 1 & 2

December snuck up on me. Even though I'm fully aware that it always arrives the week after Thanksgiving, somehow it manages to sneak up on me, every year. I started this blog one year ago, a few days before Christmas, to share pictures and happenings with our families and friends who are scattered across the globe. This year, I'm going to be doing the December Photo Project, which was started a few years back by another blogger. For the first 25 days of December, right up through Christmas Day, I will post a picture that I took that day. Just because I think it will be fun. I'm a day behind, so today I will post two pictures. If you have a blog, you should join in on the fun - just click on the DPP badge below, sign up, and start posting pictures!

December Photo Project

Day 1 - The strong Texan sun fights off the cold and the leaves are only just starting to turn golden. We're currently sitting at a nice crisp 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Day 2 - The little pile of presents that are hopefully and prayerfully going to make it all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa by December 25th :)


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