Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

A picture documentary of the last few days of 2010 and our New Year celebrations:

We hiked to some waterfalls in the mountains around Roseburg.
Robert scaled the side of the cliff with his camera and tripod to get some pictures.

 We were all taking pictures of Robert taking pictures.
It was a bit icy and snowy
Us in front of the waterfall.
These are some of Robert's scenery pictures from the hike:

On New Year's Eve, we played lots of Wii...
Playing Raving Rabbids :)

We had a Wii bowling tournament


Teaching Grandma Driver how to play Wii bowling

She's a pro :)
It started snowing (which is very rare for Roseburg) at about 9pm.

It's snowing!

They started out tamely making a snowman.

But it quickly tuned into a snowball fight.

Dodging snowballs under a trashcan lid.


Paul, about to do a snow angel without a shirt on. [Robert took most of these pictures].

Then he turned over and did it on his front. Crazy child.

Pretty snow covered plants

It was a cozy way to welcome in the new year... snow blanketed the outside world in a calm quiet, and after we were done playing in it we were warmly tucked up inside with hot drinks.

On New Year's Day we just chilled out around the house... and we took the Christmas tree down to Grandma Driver's house to throw it in the river at the bottom at her yard. It's tradition, apparently.

Thomas and I are now down in Portland, ready to fly back to Dallas tomorrow [Monday] morning. We had a wonderful time... too short, as always.

Happy New Year 2011!

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