Monday, July 5, 2010

Being patriotic

Happy birthday America! I feel a little weird being a Brit and singing the national anthem and all the other patriotic things that this holiday brings... but hey, I'll be a dual citizen in a few years. And I think America is awesome.

Some pictures from our day:

You can't tell from the picture, but we were sitting on a (reinforced) roof at some people's house watching New Braunfel's firework display

Bekah & Sarah, take 1... hmmm

Take 2... that's better

Cool fireworks shots

Then we went back to the Congdon household and set off our own fireworks

Boys and fire/explosions/blowing stuff up...


Abby & Lydia

Sarah & Abby

More fireworks

This one emitted ridiculously bright flashes of light... no one could look straight at it

Lydia with a roman candle

Joseph, Josh, Lydia

 What strange cousins we have...

Bekah & Sarah once more...

Bekah and Josh...

Let's try that again

Yay for family and holidays and summertime! Bring on the BBQ and floating down the river on tubes tomorrow!

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