Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hilarious husband

So last night Thomas was fast asleep and I was reading my book next to him, and he started talking to me. Now, he talks in his sleep a lot, but it's usually just a one-liner. This time, however, it was interactive. I wrote it down right after it happened so I wouldn't forget it. And it was just so funny that I can't keep it to myself :)

Thomas: (rolls over and addresses me, while fast asleep) I have a theory for you
Sarah: (snickers) Oh, yeah?
Thomas: Are you ready for this?
Sarah: I'm ready
Thomas: It's earth-shattering
Sarah: Let's hear it (at this point the bed is shaking because I'm laughing so hard and trying to suppress it)
Thomas: How is it that a computer has this many CPUs (mumbles on about computers and CPUs)...?
Sarah: I don't know, what's your theory?
Thomas: Well, it's all about the processing speed (mumbles more about processing and CPUs)...
Sarah: *dies laughing*

And then he rolled over and went back to la-la land. Seriously, who talks about computers and CPUs and processing speeds in their sleep? Is that what he dreams about at night? Hahaha. Engineers. Sheesh.

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