Monday, July 12, 2010

really random

So we did lots of exploring Dallas this past weekend... our apartment mega-plex is HUGE and we finally walked around the country club and the lakes. We also went to White Rock Lake, and decided we need to get some bikes because there are so many perfect bike trails around it... it's too big to walk around. But my favorite place this weekend was a fabulous discovery - the "World Market." It sells stuff from all over the world (which is fairly obvious to deduce from the name). I found all of my favorite British food, as well as some African stuff... Kenyan coffee and tea, various spices.

We ended up buying some South African wine, and some Austrian crystal wine glasses:

See? It's from South Africa... makes me happy :)

We had it with dinner: individualized salads

Left: Thomas... he likes his salad covered in grilled chicken and ranch dressing. Minimal veggies (though I did coerce him into having 3 baby tomatoes... you can see one in the top left peeking out from all the chicken). There's my meat-loving boy.
Right: Sarah... I like my salads with chickpeas and tofu and lots of veggies... leftover preferences from my two years in vegan-land, otherwise known as Connecticut College.

More randomness:

1. I feel like I'm starting to get to know Dallas better. I'm even venturing out  by myself tomorrow to run some errands... Thomas is carpooling to work. I'm hoping all the crazy Dallas drivers will give me a break.

2. Thomas and I are starting "Boot Camp" week tomorrow morning at 6:30 am... we're forcing ourselves to go running every morning until it becomes a habit. Yay for getting in shape!

3. Online classes are going better now that I have Thomas turn the internet off for several hours during the day (somehow he can do it remotely from his desk at work!) so that I don't get distracted by the interweb of social media :)

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