Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chinese dunkers

Now that I'm a stay-at-home-wife with no pets (although I really want a puppy!) and no kids (don't hold your breath on that one, it'll be a while) to look after... I have lots and lots of time on my hands. I wake up, get dressed, make the bed,  make a latte, check email/facebook/blogs, pick up the house a bit... and don't worry, mom, I haven't forgotten about my online classes... and when that's all over I COOK. Yesterday I set out to make a spinach-beef biscuit bake. I browned the beef and onions, chopped up the spinach, and then realized I didn't have some of the other key ingredients. I rummaged around in my fridge and spotted a nice big ginger root... and my mind immediately thought "chinese dumplings! yum!". It probably should have phased me that I didn't have any wonton wrappers, but it didn't. Once you get chinese dumplings in your mind, you have to have them. I set about chopping up the ginger and garlic... and more ginger and garlic... and more ginger and garlic... and you get the idea. I cooked up the beef/spinach/spice mixture and made up the dipping sauce... and hey presto it was all ready, except for the wonton wrappers. Then I remembered I had these tubes of biscuits for the spinach-beef biscuit bake I was supposed to be making:

I flattened them out and used them instead of the wonton wrappers, and they worked perfectly!

And they're a whole lot easier to cook because you just put them in the oven instead of frying them and then steaming them. They tasted great too!

The dipping sauce... garlicy, gingery, soy-saucey, vinegary, sesame seed oil-y yummyness :)

The biscuits worked so well, they were light and fluffy and bread-y and soaked up the sauce, yummmm

They were so good (and we had so much left-over meat mixture and dipping sauce) that we used more biscuits and made them again tonight!

I renamed this variety chinese dunkers... they're not exactly chinese dumplings since they don't use wonton wrappers... but they taste just as good!

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