Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lacking motivation

It seems to me that procrastination often involves chocolate and/or coffee... (remember this?)... well it's happened multiple times since then. Right now I'm enjoying a latte with a chocolate wafer roll as seen above, while trying to swat away the mosquitoes that somehow got into our 2nd floor apartment. Texan mosquitoes have it in for me, I swear. All those years growing up in Africa I did not get bitten as much as I have been in the past two weeks since we've moved to Texas. I guess I'd rather the Texan mosquitoes like me than the African ones, since they don't carry malaria over here. Also... who knew it could rain so much in Texas? I thought this was supposed to the land of blistering sunshine. Stupid hurricanes... I haven't seen the sun in two weeks.
Righto. Back to writing a scintillating essays about the ancient Sumerian society, and the proper division of power between the US state and national governments (no offense meant to those who enjoy such things... the word "politics" makes me gag). Can you believe that this is how I am spending my last 6 hours of undergraduate coursework? Ugh. JBU's core curriculum needs some serious work.

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