Thursday, July 29, 2010

... and more food

It seems this blog is being overtaken by food. Maybe that's because making dinner is the big excitement in my day... haha. Cooking is my new hobby.

So we had salmon again tonight, since we both liked it so much last week. I cooked the salmon filets the same way, but we had it with quinoa and sliced avocados and some zinfandel. The quinoa was my favorite part... you cook it like rice, and I added some squeezed lemon and a bit of orange juice along with some thyme and cayenne pepper. I also squeezed some lemon and sprinkled some cayenne pepper over the avocados. Lemon + fish = yummyness :)

(And yes, we always eat at the bar between the kitchen and dining area... we haven't bothered getting a dining table yet, and we might just keep it that way to save space).


  1. mouth watering stuff! I know which blog NOT to visit when I'm hungry!

  2. Definitely looks goooooood!!!
    ::: wipes drool off desk :::


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