Friday, July 16, 2010


Isn't that a cool word? It means unrehearsed, improvised, spontaneous. Which is what our life has been like recently, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. And it also describes this blog post.

It's Friday! Which means it's basically the weekend, and then I get to see Thomas for more than the four hours between we he gets home from work and bedtime. yay :)
This stay-at-home wife stuff might seem dreamy and wonderful, but really it gets kinda boring and lonely during the day. Of course, getting a puppy would fix all of this (right, Thomas? :) )...

I spend several hours out of each day doing online classes (trying not to pull my hair out in utter boredom), but it helps to go and sit outside and read about fascinating things such as federalism by the pool. Sunshine makes all things better. And I can just jump in the pool when it gets too hot.

We  got our weekend started a little early last night...  with an impromptu date night at Fuddruckers (whose claim about having the best burgers in the world is quite true)... Thomas wouldn't let me take a picture of him, hence the funny angle:

And then we wandered around Borders for an hour or so looking at books... which I think is the greatest free entertainment ever. I love books.
I managed to get a picture with Thomas in it without him realizing.

Speaking of Thomas, I'm thinking I might need to start a whole other blog about his sleep-talking, because the things he says are just too funny.

Thursday, 2:45am: I wake up suddenly, and realize it's because Thomas is talking.
Thomas: (half-chanting like he is in a crowd of people protesting something) Don't take away our free holidays! Keep free holidays! Keep free holidays! Keep free holidays!

Make any sense to you?

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