Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Menu Monday

My idea for "Menu Monday" is to post what we eat each Monday to make myself branch out and try new stuff, because I love cooking and I don't want to get stuck in a rut with it!
So... I branched out last night and cooked fish. I normally don't like to because it stinks up the whole house for a couple days with a not-so-delightful fishy smell. So I chose salmon, because it doesn't really smell fishy... and I baked it, which also reduces the smell factor.
It turned out really well... I learned how to cook the salmon from the fabulous Grandma Driver when I was staying with her in May :) I squeezed some lemon juice over the filets, sprinkled some salt and fresh ground pepper on them, and then spread mayonnaise over the top before baking them.
We ate them with oven-baked fries, over which I sprinkled rosemary and thyme, along with side salads and some Pinot Gris. Best meal I've had in the past couple of weeks. Or maybe it just really hit the spot. Whatever the case... it was very yummy.

Brief weekend recap (in case anyone cares to know):
We watched "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" on Friday, which we thought was hilarious and entertaining. But that could just be because we are actually 12-year-olds stuck in 21-year-olds bodies. The next day we bought the "Hunger Games" books by Suzanne Collins and spent the rest of the weekend fighting over them ("It's my turn to read!"... "No, it's my turn!"). Yet more proof that we are still 12. Seriously, though... those books are amazing! Go find them and read them. I can't wait for the last one to come out next month! On Sunday night we had grand plans of going to Whiterock Lake for a picnic but it was so so so HOT that we just carried everything down to the pool and ate as fast as we could before getting in the pool. I don't think I've ever been in a place that gets this hot. 

Right... onto more important (and dreaded) things, ie. the infamous online classes...

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