Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For some reason everything has seemed upside-down this past week or so. It's been mostly good, though. We had two girls staying with us for a wedding of a mutual friend from school in Kenya (RVA), which was super fun. There were some other friends from RVA at the wedding as well.

RVA peeps
L to R: Roland, Loise, Thomas, Lisa, Sarah

And here's a few of me and Thomas :)

Our two house guests, Christine and Lisa :)

And, of course, a picture of the bride and groom... what a beautiful wedding it was! Congrats to Karen and Theo :)

[ Photo credits: stolen from Loise and Christine :) ]

So we had a few late nights/early mornings with all the excitement, and the weekend rushed by, we met up with a JBU friend for dinner one night, and all of sudden it's Wednesday and I'm wondering what happened to the past 72 hours... hmmm. What little of a routine I had has been thrown into disarray. I guess I'd better get back to scheduled boringness.

Since I missed Menu Monday this week, here's a picture of dinner last night:

We had margarita pizza, garlic bread, salad, and avocado slices (we've been on an avocado kick recently)... we actually ended up putting avocado slices on top of the pizza when we ate it, and it was really good!

Tonight we're having steak. I haven't really figured out how to cook steak on the stove-top, but here's to hoping it will turn out since we don't have a grill.

Time to get cracking... housework and homework have piled up while I was in some kind of topsy-turvy world for the past few days...

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  1. Sarah, I so enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with you and Thomas! ~Haley


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