Monday, July 11, 2011

Stonehenge & Bath {England, post 2}

Last Tuesday we did a day trip to see Stonehenge and Bath.

Stonehenge was... kinda boring. We snapped a few pictures.

We were too cheap to pay the $16 per person to walk 100 feet closer to the stones. Really, what's the point? So we stayed outside the fence :)

A crazy American tourist (I'm not kidding, she was crazy hilarious) volunteered to take a picture of all of us.

It was drizzling rain for most of the time we were there, and it was cccccold. I stole Thomas's jacket.

I have no idea why I picked that day to wear a skirt. It was freezing.
But apparently Thomas is impervious to the cold.

We got some hot tea before we got back in the car.

And we had a little picnic under the hatchback of our car.

And under umbrellas

On the road from Stonehenge to Bath, we saw many of these signs.
It says "Tank crossing" ... you can't really read it because the windshield was all rainy. Because it was raining, of course. We are in England after all.
Then a few hundred meters further down the road would be a big crossing for tanks. I guess it was a military training zone?

Bath cathedral. There was some kind of graduation going on so we couldn't go inside.

Inside the entrance to the Roman Baths, which once again we were too cheap to pay the $20 per person to go any closer. I've seen them before anyways.


We wandered around the streets of Bath for a while and then drove the 12 miles back to Clevedon (just outside of Bristol).

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