Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Liverpool {England, post 4}

We also went up to Liverpool when Thomas was still here.
It's where my mom's side of the family lives, and Thomas had never met any of them.
Thomas actually also lived in Liverpool when he was little (one or two years old).

We went to see my Nanny (my mom's mom).

In Nanny's little living room.

In 1995, Mom and Dad and Daniel and I all stayed in Nanny's little house for 10 months while we were in England. She has two small bedrooms, one of which mom and dad slept in, and this "box room" where Daniel and I slept!

This is my Nanny. She is house-bound now, and can't really walk, so she spends a lot of time in this chair.
She has nurses who visit daily and carers who come in to cook and clean for her.

Dan and Matt hanging out at Nanny's house.

Thomas and me with my Great Aunty Dorothy - Nanny's younger sister.
All of us crammed onto the couch.

A couple of pictures with Nanny.

Thomas and me in front of Nanny's house... it's a typical Victorian era house... joined together in a long row with other houses.

Nanny's street.

This is the house (the right-hand side of the duplex) where Thomas and his family lived while his father was at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Thomas was one or two years old.

Thomas in front of the house.

Thomas's old street.
When my family was in England in 1999, this was the house we stayed in... it was a parsonage that wasn't being used at the time.

We met up with some more of my mom's family at a traditional English carvery on the Mersey river.

English pub fare.

The family.

This was the school that Daniel, Matthew, and I went to when we were in England in 2002-2003.
It was a very small school.

It was quite the whirlwind trip, we drove up to Liverpool in the morning, and drove back down to Bristol late that night. I'm glad Thomas finally got to meet some of my mom's side of the family, though.

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