Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daniel's Graduation {England, post 5}

Daniel graduated from the University of Bristol this past Tuesday, July 19th.
Which also happens to be mom's birthday :)
So we had double the reason to celebrate.

Mom and Dad were able to go to the graduation (each graduate only got 2 tickets).
Matt and I stayed at home and watched it streamed live online.
I sent mom with my camera to take lots of pictures.

The night before graduation we met up with some of Daniel's friends and their parents for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Before they headed off to the graduation.

Daniel in his gown.

Daniel and his friend Jed.

Daniel and another friend.

In front of Daniel's buildings/places where his classes were. I think.

The place where the graduation was held.

Daniel in the crowd.
Waiting to go across the stage.

And there he goes.

Pictures afterwards. I have no idea who most of these people are.

Then, they rushed home to take pictures with me and Matt before Daniel had to turn his gown back in.

With his hood on. [In England they do hoods, instead of those funny hats with tassels like I had in the U.S.]


 The back.

We are having proper graduation (and mom's birthday) celebrations on Saturday, since Tuesday was a whirlwind... and mom and dad left yesterday for a conference until Saturday.

So right now the boys and I are holding down the fort.
I'm cooking up all sorts of food for them (today I made chicken fajitas to show them what they're missing out on by not living in Texas), and we're watching lots of movies and generally having a good time.

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