Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7 weeks

When I wrote the last post, the 6 week update, I was apparently only in my 5th week. We had an ultrasound on June 29th and the doctor put me at 6 weeks 1 day... which I can't really make sense of, because I was pretty sure of the dates when I could have gotten pregnant... and being only 6 weeks on June 29th doesn't calculate with those. But anyways, we'll go with the doctor's prediction for now - because it's so early on, it might change. My estimated due date is now February 21st, 2012 (I had thought it was more like February 11th).

Two days after my ultrasound, halfway through week 6, the hubby and I flew to England. We had been planning this trip to see my family long before we knew we were pregnant, but being pregnant made it more exciting. I was nervous to travel because I didn't know how I would feel, but I ended up being just fine. I was just a little bit uncomfortable on the flight, but that's not unusual. My doctor prescribed me Zofran and Reglan (anti-nausea meds) to take with me to England just in case morning sickness got really bad. I'm in England for a month, so I didn't want to be stranded here without any remedies if it got bad. But so far, I've been all right. I get queasy at night and in the mornings, but I take vitamin B-6 every day, and I take Unisom (a mild OTC sleeping medicine [doxylamine succinate] that helps with morning sickness) at night. The combination of those two make it very manageable to get out and about and enjoy my time with my family. I don't want to take the Zofran or the Reglan unless I absolutely have to, and so far I've only taken Zofran one time. During the car ride from Heathrow Airport back to Clevedon where we're staying, I was sitting in the back and started feeling really nauseous. We hadn't told my family I was pregnant yet, so I couldn't really say anything... so I popped a Zofran in my mouth and it worked instantly.

We arrived in England on the 2nd of July, and had a fun time telling my family. I recorded the whole thing on my smartphone, so I'll upload the video when we tell the whole world about the pregnancy. The hubby went back to the U.S. for work on the 10th, but I'm here with my family until the 29th.

Today I am actually 8 weeks pregnant, but I thought I'd do a quick update on the 7th week to catch up. Most of my 7th week was very busy sightseeing around England and going to visit family members. I'm not really sure how to count the weeks - does week 6 through 7 count as the 7th week, or does week 7 through 8 count as the 7th week? Hmmm. I'll just do the posts when I "change" weeks.

How far along: 7 weeks (on last Tuesday, July 5th)

Baby size: A blueberry :)

Total weight gain/loss: Nothing's changed so far.

Sleep: I seem to get queasy and uncomfortable at night, so sleep hasn't been that great recently. But the Unisom really helps.

Movement: It'll be a while before that happens.

Food cravings/aversions: I've been craving anything salty (salt and vinegar chips nom nom nom), and sour things like sour candy, and spicy things as well. I wouldn't say it's an aversion, but I've been kind of "off" sweet things like desserts and ice cream. But I still like chocolate. [Phewsh]

Pregnancy symptoms: Queasiness at night and in the morning and general fatigue. I take lots of naps. And I get queasy in the car as well... I've never had carsickness before. If I sit in the front I'm generally all right.

What I miss: Nothing much... maybe just feeling "normal"... haha, but that isn't going to happen for another 7 months or so.

What I'm looking forward to: The end of the first trimester... it hasn't been all that bad, but I'm still ready for it to be over! And I want to be able to tell everyone that I'm pregnant.

Milestones: Little tiny arms and legs are starting to develop.

Best moment of this week: Technically it was still during the sixth week, but telling my family that we were pregnant was awesome.

Pregnancy moments with the hubby: He was just very thoughtful of me the whole week, especially when we were travelling... flying or driving somewhere. He made sure I was all right and took good care of me. I was sad when he had to go back to the U.S. for work, but I still have my family to look after me.

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