Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bristol {England, post 3}

Last week, when Thomas was still here, we did some Bristol sight-seeing.
We were still staying in the seaside apartment in Clevedon, so Bristol was about a half-hour drive.
Bristol is a very beautiful city... very typically British, full of classic old buildings dating back hundreds of years. It's a nice city to live in, very clean and organized.

Bristol Cathedral

There were crypts throughout the cathedral.

Attempting a family picture in front of the cathedral,

 We got a couple of good ones...

We also did a tour of the S.S. Great Britain... apparently it was the first ship of it's kind built by the famous civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel (what a name).
I tried to rush everyone through so we could go get some food. I was starving. And kinda bored. It's the kind of thing that I glance around at and I'm done, but Thomas likes to read every. single. detail. He took all the pictures. Lots. of. them.

The ship was kept dry to keep it from rusting further... but they put an inch of water on top of plexi-glass to make it look... cool?

You climb down a flight of stairs under the plexi-glass to see the bottom of the ship.

The giant propeller.

Next to one of the propeller blades... deer in the headlights.

Matty holding up the giant anchor.

Looking sufficiently bored.

Dad and Thomas studying some detailed diagram of the ship.

Top deck.

First class suites.
This is a first class room. Tiny. The second and third class rooms were even more awful.

Matt, Dad and me taking a break.

First class dining room.

Thomas next to the ship.

And then, finally, we left to get some food!

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  1. Wow you're in the UK! So exciting. Looks like you're having a fab time. Where else are you heading to in the 3 weeks? (not that I want to sound like a stalker!). Are you going down further down into the South West?


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