Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Storm Weekend :)

It started raining Thursday morning, sleeting on Thursday afternoon/evening, and then it snowed all night and all day Friday. So we have a layer of ice covered by about a foot of snow right now...

On Friday, it was too dangerous to drive because the roads were icy and it was snowing/sleeting... so I couldn't get to my classes and Thomas couldn't get to work... so we just stayed home with the kitties! :)

Doing homework with Motor on my lap

Hanging out with Bagheera

Ice/snow storm

It snowed for at least 24 hours... my footprints going up to our door... it got even deeper than this

Our car!

Our neighbourhood/apartment complex place

This is our row

The field that you walk across to get to JBU

Making snow-cream (ice-cream made out of snow...)

You put some sweetened condensed milk in

And some vanilla essence... and then mix it all up

And test it on Thomas... who had just woken up from a nap :)
It was really good!

Today (Saturday) we had another fairly lazy day... went out for dinner (braved the icy roads)... and then we built a huge snow man tonight! 

We couldn't get anyone to come of their warm houses to help us... but we convinced Ben to come and take pictures of us :)

We used a mop-head for his hair, a carrot for his nose, sticks for his arms, and twigs for his eyes, mouth and buttons :)

Proud of our very first snowman! Neither of us had ever built one before.

Well, it's been a fun weekend so far... tomorrow we've really got to get down to work though!

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