Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Well we made it safely home :) I'm a little behind in posting pictures of the last 3 days of the road trip, but I'll get to it this week sometime. Classes start tomorrow :(... I'm not really ready for the craziness that it will bring but I just keep thinking that in 4 months it will be over and I will have survived (somehow)... and try to enjoy surviving it along the way (I put that in there just for you, mom).
Thomas and I are graduating in May... yay! But that means the job search is on, at least for Thomas. For me, the important thing is to remain a legal resident of the US when my student visa becomes void... haha. We're in the middle of getting a one-year extension which permits me to work until we can get my green card.
Tonight feels like the calm before a storm... a storm which (for me) includes completing 27 credit hours worth of classes before May 8th, finding a job for Thomas, trying to remain "legal" in the US, having no idea where we're going to be headed after graduation in four months, and more. God has faithfully taken care of us over the past year of our marriage, and even just today we saw how he was clearly looking after us. So we will praise Him in this storm, because He will get us through when we cannot see around those storm clouds.
That's all for now folks... it's late and I have class in the morning. Pictures will be coming soon.

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