Saturday, January 16, 2010

Road Trip Day 4

Jan. 9th - Saturday

We got up early and drove from Santa Barbara to Malibu to go to the beach. The weather was warm but the water was icy so we just put our feet in it. From there we drove on to Los Angeles, had lunch at In 'n Out Burger (yummy), and kept driving on to Las Vegas, which we hit just as it got dark. The lights were pretty awesome, and we had a great time wandering around for a couple of hours.We kept driving for a couple more hours, stopping to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (yummy!), and to see the Hoover Dam. I couldn't really tell what it really looked like since it was dark, but there were lights everywhere and it looked impressive. At least we can say we've been there :) We finally arrived in Kingman, Arizona around 1am, and spent the night at a Travelodge hotel.

On Malibu beach - Jordan, Sarah, Anna

Pretty waves

Me and Thomas

A couple pictures that Jordan took of us

Cute one of Anna :)

Malibu is one of those very wealthy areas of California, and this is one of the many mansions we drove by

Then we drove through LA... and saw the Hollywood sign in the distance (I circled it in red to make sure you could spot it :) )

Driving through the California and Nevada  rocky mountainous desert

"Zzyzx" road... we decided someone must have gotten really tired of making up road names

Most of the following pictures were taken by Jordan with his fancy camera so I borrowed some :) Our camera just didn't do the lights of Las Vegas justice.

The Las Vegas Strip

The Monte Carlo

The MGM Grand

The Bellagio, in the middle of a fountain display - the displays were amazing, the fountains and lights danced in time with the music. One of the ones we watched was done to the "Pink Panther" song.

There was a huge replica of the Eiffel Tower

There were the token street evangelists, and some of them even brought their children along (great picture, Jordan!)

The lights of Las Vegas were so bright that we could still see them when we had driven more the 100 miles away from it. We stopped and saw the Hoover Dam along the way, it was all lit up as well:

Day 4 of the trip definitely wiped us out because we drove so many hours and stopped to see so many things! We reached our stopping point around 1am and were soon fast asleep in our hotel room.

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