Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two furry guests!! :)

Motormouth and Bagheera are staying with us for a whole week! Matt and Haley are out of town so we are looking after them, and I am loving it! These are a few pictures of them and their various antics :)

This is Bagheera

And this is Motormouth (we just call him Motor)

Motor LOVES my purse... as soon as I get home and put it down he sits right next to it and tries to climb inside it.

Bagheera LOVES my feet... I can't figure it out

This is Motor's favorite place... on our bathroom counter. He only drinks water if it's coming out of a tap. So he likes to sit here until we turn it on for him :)
He also likes to sleep in the sink... he curls up in it and fills it up completely! (I'll try to get a picture of it sometime)

Bagheera likes to hang out in the bathtub. When someone gets out of the shower he dashes right in and licks up all the water droplets...

They both like to sleep on top of my homework. Sometimes I'll be doing homework and they climb right up and sit on top of it so I can't get to it. Which is fine by me.

They both love to sleep in our La-Z-Boy... this is Bagheera all stretched out in it

Mugshot... I promise Bagheera's eyes aren't actually this color... that's just what the camera did

Mugshot of Motor sticking his head between the bars of one of our dining room chairs

They like to play with the camera string while I'm trying to take pictures of them :)

Motor hiding behind his paw: "Stop taking pictures of me"

Needless to say, I just love having these kitties around :) I'm going to be so sad when they have to leave :( Thanks Matt and Haley for letting me keep them for the week! :)

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