Thursday, January 7, 2010

Road Trip Days 1 & 2 - Jan. 6th and 7th

We have had a great time. Yesterday (Jan. 6th) we drove from Roseburg to near Chico, CA... the Kramers have a walnut farm in the area, and we stayed the night with them. It was wonderful to see them - they were Thomas' dorm parents in 7th grade at RVA :)
The very first hour of the road trip has been the only bad part so far... I had a 7:30am dentist appointment that morning to have some cavities filled, then we packed up (me with a numb mouth and feeling very drugged haha) and left around midday. Ten minutes into the drive I started feeling really sick... apparently dentist and curvy roads don't mix, because I never usually get car sick! So we stopped for a while and I got out and walked around and felt better, but as soon as we started driving again I felt ill. So then I started getting panicky because I was freaked out that the whole 6-day road trip would be miserable because I would feel ill the whole way and we would have to stop every half an hour! I had  mini-panic attack, and we stopped again for like half an hour and I calmed down and felt better. So the first 20 miles took us over an hour - haha! After that I felt fine and it was lots of fun :)

So anyways... here's a couple pics of the Kramers and their walnut farm.

Today (Jan 7th) we left the Kramer's farm around 9am and drove 3 hours to San Fransisco, took LOADS of pictures of the Golden Gate bridge and drove around the city - which is CRAZY! So many hills, and awesome buildings, and traffic jams! We stopped at Pier 39 for some fish 'n chips and clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.  Then we drove on to Santa Clara, where we are right now (in a cool little coffee shop, using their internet!) with Esther! It's so fun to see her, and she's actually going to drive down the coast of California with us tomorrow!

Driving from Chico to Santa Clara, California

And stopping in San Fransisco on the way - the Golden Gate bridge!

Us at the bridge

You can see the bridge better in this picture

Jordan and Anna at the bridge (it was a little hazy at first, but it cleared up)

Bridge again, different view

We had a little snack overlooking the bridge


Then we went on a little walk around the hill we were on - funny picture of Jordan and Anna walking :)

"We're driving over the Golden Gate bridge!"

San Fransisco!!! - steep hilly roads and crazy driving (we even had to manually shift into a lower gear in our automatic car to get up one hill!)

We stopped at Pier 39... lots of shops and restaurants (Jordan and Anna walking in)

And Californian sea lions

I forgot to take pictures of my fish 'n chips (I was too hungry to stop eating), but I got a picture of Jordan's clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl before my food arrived.

And this is the infamous Alcatraz... used to be a high security prison out to sea from San Fransisco... kind of foggy

Then we drove onto Santa Clara and met Esther Wright! We went out for coffee and used the internet for the first time in 48 hours! We were pretty excited...

The coffee place was seriously hippie/granola... but good coffee!

Then we went back to Esther's house and made a yummy dinner of tortilla soup

.... and then we went to sleep!

So there's days 1 and 2 of the road trip - 4 more days to go!

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