Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Outing

We went out to Watson falls in the Cascade mountains on New Years Day. It was about an hour and a half's drive, along a road with hundreds of little waterfalls along the way. As we got higher into the mountains the snow had stayed on the ground, and when we got out of the car to climb up to Watson falls we slipped and slid on the icy snowy path - it was fun :)

Off we go up the icy path:

Pausing for pictures:

Thomas, Sarah, and Timo looking epic under the waterfall :)

Standing at the viewpoint at the top of the trail:

Looking up at the waterfall:

There was a huge pile of snow around the bottom of the waterfall (it was a lot bigger than it looks the in the picture):

Looking confused and wondering which way to go on the way down:

Running down the mountain:

... and sliding down the mountain!

Back down at the car, we discovered that we had an illegal parking ticket for $97! That was a downer... especially since if we had parked anywhere else we would have been stuck in the snow.

We got back home and pulled out the player-piano songs (rolls of paper with perforations that you put in the piano and you pump some pedals and the piano plays the song that's on the paper!)... and had a lot of fun singing along :)

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