Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Off on a grand adventure!

We're road tripping it back to Arkansas! Our wonderful friends Jordan and Anna Wright flew out to Oregon and have been here for the past week hanging out with us, and are making the big trip back with us so we'll have four drivers. We've got grand plans to see San Fransisco, the Cali coast, LA, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon along the way.

Here's a map of the tentative route:

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A - Roseburg, Oregon... starting point
B - Chico, California... stopping for the night of the 6th with the Kramers! Thomas's 7th grade dorm parents from Rift Valley Academy!
C - San Fransisco, California... spending a few hours seeing the city, then driving on to...
D - San Jose, California... stopping for the night of the 7th with Esther Wright! Friend from RVA! :) So excited!
E - Los Angeles, California... stopping for the night of the 8th just before the city, then seeing the city the next morning before heading out to see...
F - Las Vegas, Nevada... we're hoping to hit the city at night to see the lights!... spend a few hours there before driving on to stay the night of the 9th somewhere between Las Vegas and...
G - The Grand Canyon! (Arizona)... hoping to see it in the morning and then drive on to...
H - Albuquerque, New Mexico... spending the night of the 10th with friends of Jordan and Anna and then driving on to...
I - Siloam Springs, Arkansas... HOME! (for the next 4 months, haha)... hoping to arrive here by the night of the 11th, because school starts on the 13th.... BOO! :(

There's the plan for our grand adventure... can't wait to see how it turns out!

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