Monday, February 8, 2010

A Walk in the Snow

After the big snow/ice storm was over, Thomas and I went for a walk and took lots of snow pictures. This was a week ago, and since then that snow has mostly melted. But right now it's snowing again!

These are some pictures from last week's snow

We took pictures with our snowman (or snow-woman) the morning after we made it.

Icicles hanging from our roof

Snow-laden trees on the path to JBU

The pathway 

Snowy field

Lonely little tree

I found some pretty blue berries in a frosty tree

Icy branches

Us on our walk

Thomas walking along the path back towards our house

Sarah in the middle of lots of snow

We found a snowman that someone built sitting on this bench

Our snowman/snow-woman from a distance... we built him/her in front of our friends' apartment, two doors down from our apartment. They had more snow :)

This was a few days later, when the snow had started melting

Looking very droopy!

Our snowman (woman) is still standing now, though the head is gone and half of the torso has melted too. There's more snow coming down right now, but not enough to build a snowman!

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