Monday, January 10, 2011

Mundane miscellaneousness...

... in the form of a weekend recap. We had a lovely weekend. On Friday night I cooked up a mish-mash of a dinner. I rummaged around my fridge and pantry and pulled out whatever struck my fancy. I ended up baking some yams, roasting some butternut squash, and steaming some asparagus and then tossing it in olive oil and garlic. I also made up an avocado-tomato-feta cheese-spring leaves salad.

We had Tusker [a Kenyan beer] with our [very random but delicious] dinner, thanks to our good friend Roland Tedder who found some in Kansas City and sent it down to us.

On Saturday we were in organization mode. We shopped for some organizing totes to store things in and spent most of the day cleaning and sorting things out. It was very satisfying, and we have a clean house to boot.

Sunday was freeeeezing cold, and it snowed. {You can see a picture of that here.} We went out to lunch with some friends from our small group after church, and then had a relaxing afternoon watching the snow from the comfort of our living room. In the evening some very good friends [John & Susan Iseminger] from my childhood in Mozambique stopped by to visit in the midst of their travels, and we went out for Ethiopian food. I forgot to take pictures [sad face], but it was so wonderful to see them. It was like a piece of "home".

And that was our weekend. We lead a very exciting life... * slight note of sarcasm *... but we happen to enjoy it :)

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  1. That looks like a great meal. Glad you two could enjoy the brewskis. How in the world did it snow there? That's so cold!


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