Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{mini burgers}

We had veggie burgers tonight. I decided to make my own burger rolls, so I found a nice recipe for whole wheat kalamata rolls and my bread machine did all the work. All I had to do was shape the dough into rolls and put them in the oven. I misjudged the size of the rolls, however, and they came out rather smaller than I thought they would. So we had to have mini burgers. I grilled up the veggie burger patties and cut them into quarters in order to fit on the rolls.

The rolls were really good... the recipe included herbs de provence and kalamata olives. I only put the olives in half of the roll dough for Thomas's sake (my resident olive-hater). The veggie burgers were also surprisingly tasty.

The burger fixings... cheddar cheese, onion & tomato & avocado slices.
Mini burgers are awesome. Way more fun than normal burgers.

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