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Thirteen months old!

03/13/2013 - Thirteen months old! I know it's a little late, but I finally got all my 13-month-old notes about you transferred from my planner/journal into blog format.... phewsh!

A few pictures that perfectly describe YOU this month :)

The wide-open mouth excited grin you get when there are new things to explore!

Constantly on the go.

Found something to climb!

Studying the other kids on the playground.

Examining the mulch, picking it up... dropping it.

Taking the world in from Dada's arms

 One of your many attempts to escape the baby gate!

Size: You weighed 24lbs 13oz (diaper on) the day before your 13 month birthday... I took you in to the pediatrician to check for an ear infection since you were fussy and pulling at your ears, and we were going to be flying to England later that week! But you were fine, just a sore throat. You seem like you've grown taller too, but we haven't measured you recently. You are definitely "thinning out" and your baby rolls are going away * sob *... you barely have rubber band ankles anymore. Fortunately the rubber band wrists are still there, for now! Size 4 diapers, size 3.5W- 4W shoes, 12-18 month clothes.

Words (that you use consistently): water "wah wah", balloon "ba-boon", banana "ba-na-na-na-na!", all done "ah-dah", all gone "ah-gah", more "moh", milk "mih-mih-mih", mama, dada, ducky "duh-tee", Pingu "pa-goo", hi, bye-bye, diaper "di-puh", ball "baw", book "buh", belly button "bee-buh", outside "ow-di", bag "bah", bubbles "buh-buh", clever "deh deh" (this one you say because we're always saying "clever boy!" or "very clever!" when you do something well, clever... so sometimes now you will do something you're proud of and you'll clap for yourself and say "deh deh!")

Signs: light, bird, duck, bath, more, all done, fan (a sign that we made up because you are fascinated with our ceiling fans... pointing up and making circles with your finger/hand), hot (another one I made up to teach you the concept of "hot".... making a recoiling motion with your hands over and over). Whenever you see steam/a coffee cup/a pot on the stove/a fire etc. you do the "hot" sign and try to blow on it... haha :)

New things:

- You've become very snuggly this month... I love it! You will clamber into my lap and put your arms around my neck for a big hug, or lay your head on my shoulder and snuggle in.

- You are talking up a storm! New words almost everyday now. You are mimicking sounds and words and trying very hard to communicate. You will use a combination of signs and words to ask for things... like doing the sign for "more" and saying "ba-na-na-na!" to ask for more bananas, or waving "bye-bye" and saying "ow-di" (outside) to ask to go outside.

- You love to share your food! One bite for Judah, one bite for momma... It's often the only way I can get you to eat well.

- You love to eat with a fork... You pick up your fork with one hand and a piece of food with the other hand, then you carefully spear the food with your fork and put it in your mouth! It's slow going but at least it gets you to eat!

- If you want us to do something you will come and grab our hands/shirts/pants and pull us over to what ever it is you want help with... opening the gate, putting Pingu on, getting something that you can't reach, getting a snack etc. Or you will bring a book/toy over to us and hold it out and yell "ah! ah!" like "read this!" or "play with this!". You also ask us to do things like play "This little piggy" by grabbing our hand and putting in on your toes, or "round and round the garden" by pointing to your palm and holding it out.

- You never stop moving when you are awake... You are just so busy! The only exception to this is when you are reading your books... Then you will sit still for a while, totally engrossed in flipping pages and pointing to all the pictures, and "reading" aloud to yourself.

- You wave to everyone now (at the store, on walks, at restaurants, anywhere we go)... It's your way of saying "hi!" and getting someone's attention. If they don't see you, you will start yelling " ah! ah! ah!" while you wave until you get their attention!

- You love to draw! Especially with momma's pen in momma's special book (my planner), haha :) You are getting more adept every day at holding a pen/pencil/crayon and making scribbles on paper.

- Your new favorite thing in the bath is to pour water from one vessel into another... you could spend hours playing with water... scooping it up with one cup and pouring it into another cup, or filling up a bottle and pouring it back out...

- You are fearless... you will run off to explore things completely unaware of any dangers. Because you are so very mobile, and yet too young to listen to "stop!" or "wait for momma!" very well (though you are finally starting to listen now!)... I have to watch you so closely. You love new places and new things and you will run around exploring while squealing with excitement. You are such a climber... you will climb up, up, up but then you don't realize you're up and you don't know how to get down, and if I wasn't there you would just fall. You are into absolutely everything and you are so. stinkin'. fast. Oy! Toddlerhood! I love it... truly I do... it just keeps my heart racing.

- You understand so much of what we say now. I can't even begin to write them down or I'd be writing all night. You follow simple commands like "bring Momma the ball" and "close the door" and "put the book back on the shelf". You pick up on our conversations and sometimes we have to whisper or spell things!

Other stuff:

- Still not sleeping through the night. When life settles down a bit after this month we will start work on that.

- Still very picky about solid foods... textures and tastes. Still going strong with nursing.

- No more teeth this month. Still four on top, two on bottom.

Well I said these updates would be shorter after 12 months, but it's still pretty long... I just don't want to forget anything! And you are just learning SO much every day. It's so exciting. I love getting to experience the world through your fresh little eyes - everything is so wondrous to you.

We love you Judah William - we love your hugs and kisses and your giggles and squeals. We love your bright little mind and inquisitive spirit. We even love the midnight snuggles, though we may be tired. These days will be over so soon and we are cherishing every little bit.

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  1. Ah Sarah... you have reminded me so vividly of toddlerhood and it makes me tired thinking about it! Guess I'm ready to be a grandma! I love your little charmer...what a delightful little boy. I know why you are enjoying him so much. These are precious days indeed!!


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