Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Birthday Party!

02/09/2013 - Party Day!

Playing with your present from Momma and Daddy :)

Party decorations... all looks calm and complete in these pictures, but getting ready that day was a bit frantic to say the least :) My ideas for the decorations kind of ran away with themselves and got more involved than I had originally planned... it was loosely a "bookworm" birthday party theme, and I had so much fun getting stuff ready for it.
Thankfully cousin Emily and Judah's Uncle James were here to help on party day... we could not have pulled it off without them! They were amazing!

I found the "Happy Birthday" banner free printable here.

We strung pictures of Judah's first year up around the living room and dining room with twine and wooden clothes pins. I actually haven't taken them all down yet two months later! I love having lots of picture up.

We blew up lots of balloons.

I made a little 0 - 11 month display with the stickers he's wearing in the pictures - we hadn't taken the 12 month picture yet since the party was before his birthday.

I put some of my favorite pictures from the year on the table along with little bookworms and magnetic wooden alphabet letters strewn about.

Party favors: gummy bookworms :)

And some bookmarks.
[Free printables for gummy bookworms and bookmarks found here]

We had cupcakes instead of a big cake.

Bookworm toppers. I just found a bookworm picture that I liked online and printed a few pages of them, then cut them out and glued them to a toothpick. I used the same ones for the table and the party favors.

"Goodnight Moon" is Judah's favorite book so I printed mini book covers (found the cover picture online and just adjusted it to the right dimensions etc. in Word) and made cupcake toppers out of them with toothpicks.

Unfortunately I don't have too many pictures from the actual party... mainly just from the cake part!

You had just woken up from a nap, Judah boy, so all the people were a bit overwhelming for you. You took refuge with the balloons :)

Cake time! You were fascinated with the candle, but a little unsure about it since you'd never seen one before! You didn't quite get how to blow it out at, so we helped you. You've figured it out since then, and now you LOVE to blow candles out :)

Starting in on the cupcake.

You were a little hesitant at first...

... but soon you had chocolate everywhere!

Playing with your buddy Caleb :)
You were super hyper from the sugar high after the cupcake!

And then you stuck your butt in his face... such a lovely friend you are! :)

After everyone left, we opened your presents. You got some great books to fill up your library thanks to your sweet party guests, my little bookworm :)

You also opened Pingu the stuffed penguin from Nana and Grandad... it was love at first sight! You were so delighted!

Relaxing with Uncle James and Pingu after the party.

Skyping with some more uncles!

It was such a fun day!  

Even though you will never remember it, I'm glad we did this little party for you. It was more for us than for you really... haha :) We survived the first year of parenthood!

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Wish we could have been there with you!


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