Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter weekend

We had a relaxing Easter weekend, and enjoyed spending time with Judah's Grandpa :) He has been studying hard for his medical board renewal exams, but he took a few breaks this weekend to have fun with us.
Thomas had Friday off work, so we went on a little outing to the Arboretum. 

Classic Judah stare.

 Judah dragged us over to the froggy fountains... he reallllllly wanted to go splash in the water but it was a bit too cool.

They had a petting zoo for the kids, which of course Judah LOVED.

I had to hold him back or he would have tried to climb right on the goat's back.

 He was moving so fast chasing a fluffy little chicken it was hard to get a picture of him.

Getting our hands sanitized on the way out of the petting zoo.

Taking Grandpa for a walk :)

A very handsome "Dada"

We had to keep a grip on him, because he kept trying to run at top speed down the big hill into the large crowd of people waiting for the concert to start.

Little studmuffin.

Can you say "tree"?

Close-ups with Grandpa and a slightly grumpy Judah!

The Dallas Blooms displays were beautiful... Thomas got some flower shots.

We gave Jude his Easter basket after church on Sunday... he was pretty nonchalant about it at first.

... and then he got a bit more animated when he realized there was a DUCKY in that box!

[Judah got some bath toys by Boon and Green Toys in his basket. I had to throw most of his old bath toys away a while ago because they kept growing black mold in them despite constant rinsing and cleaning - yuck! These toys are all super cute and have no places for water to get trapped and grow mold (and most importantly they are BPA, PVC, and lead/phthalate free... which many squeezy/soft bath toys are not). Bath time has become even MORE fun for this little bath lover!]

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  1. Sweetest post! Such great pictures, especially the ones of Rob and Judah. Melt my heart! Can't wait to see you guys; wish I could be there with uncle Rob.



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