Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a little birthday photoshoot

02/13/2013 - Your first birthday!

On your actual birthday, I let you have another cupcake. I set up a little photoshoot just for the fun of it :)
We were Skyping with Nana and Grandad at the same time! They sang happy birthday to you and watched you demolish the cupcake from the computer.

You loved "blowing" out the candle again with my help.

And then you tried to eat the candle :)

You made a big chocolatey mess, even getting some on the balloons behind you :)

Playing with Queen Buzzy Bee (after a change of onesie and some serious wiping up!)

I love these next two pictures :)

Getting the hang of pulling Buzzy Bee along.

We went for a walk once Dada got home from work.

Your birthday day was perfect... laid back and normal but special at the same time :)

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  1. Wonderful photographs and super cute baby! I love baby photoshoots, I am a photographer and I prefer clicking baby pictures because they don’t need any makeup, they look naturally beautiful. I am excited to attend my niece’s 1st birthday party in a very pretty event space NYC. There will be so many pictures!!


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