Thursday, June 3, 2010

Immigration organized-ness

We finished up all of my permanent residency application papers before the Florida/Oregon trips... but I'm just so proud of our organized-ness that I had to post pictures. This post is mainly for the benefit of my mom, queen of organization :)

We had all the forms laid out, with all the supporting documents lined up behind them

OK, so this part doesn't look so organized, but it was the document printing/photocopying table

This is the epitome of organization. Each form had it's own labeled envelope, with all the supporting documents listed beneath the form number. In the bottom right corner I put our names -  "Petitioner: Thomas Congdon" and "Beneficiary: Sarah Pate". (I haven't legally changed my name yet).

I'm just hoping all the immigration officials will be impressed by our organization and process our application quickly and give me my green card :)

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