Sunday, June 27, 2010

The move, part 2

Moving in!
So I'm kind of reluctant to put these pictures of our new apartment up... because it is such a mess! And I would tell you that a week later, it looks a lot better. But that would be a lie.

Thomas driving the U-haul through Dallas to pick up our new bed. Such a cool dude.

New bed!

And I'm just going to post this picture again, because it makes me feel better about putting up pictures of the rest of the house, which, as you will see, is in shambles. 

OK. Now for the shambles. These pictures were taken the day after we moved in.

One side of the living room

Other side of living room

Looking from living room to dining area. 

Dining area

The bar looking through to the kitchen with the awesome bar stools that were thrown in for free with the bed we bought.

Kitchen looking through to dining area.

Kitchen from doorway

Right side

Yes, that is a dishwasher *sings Hallelujah chorus*

Left side... fridge and pantry

Doorway through to bathroom, coat closet, bedroom

On the right, the bedroom

On the left, the bathroom. Behind those closet doors is a washer and dryer *more Hallelujah chorus singing*

I'm going to throw in a couple "before and after" pictures just to prove that we have, indeed, made some progress this week. In the bathroom.




And, finally, more evidence of progress: our first [proper] meal in our new house. I'm not going to mention the frozen pizzas or all the times we ate out because we hadn't unpacked the dishes yet we were too tired to cook.

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