Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Thomas got an engineering job in Dallas! We heard last week, and spent this weekend there looking for apartments. We found a great one in "The Village" which is only 4 miles from Thomas's job... woohoo! Living in the Village means we have free access to the awesome country club there which has everything you could possibly ever want... which will be great for me as I will be stuck at home until I get my work authorization. Have I ever mentioned how complicated it is for non-Americans to get a green card/become a U.S. citizen? Well, it is.
We're moving on Saturday! So we're in the middle of packing up and our house is a wreck, but it is oh so exciting!
And we get to have dinner with the Boyds tonight, who we haven't seen for ages... yay!
Can you tell I'm excited about life? :)

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