Thursday, December 31, 2009


We spent Monday and Tuesday night in Portland. Monday night was the big Congdon Christmas Party at Thomas's uncle and aunt's house - wow! So many people! And it wasn't even half of the family! There was yummy food, hearty Christmas carol singing (with a Congdon orchestra), and a white elephant gift exchange.

Here are some pictures of the Christmas carol singing, and all the instruments! (all of the Christmas party pictures were taken by Thomas's aunt - thanks!)

The white elephant gift exchange:

Some of the little Congdon cousins:

On Tuesday we went to see an OMNI-MAX movie - it's basically a dome theater and the screen goes all around the room so it feels like you're in the middle of the movie... and the movie was called "Bugs: A Rainforest Adventure" ... yeah, you can guess how I felt about that! I had my eyes closed for a lot of it :)
After the movie we went out for Ethiopian food... that was more up my alley. And it was really really good.

The boys (and Uncle Steve) waiting for the food (haha look at Timo's face)... and it had just started snowing outside! My first snow this winter :)

The food when it arrived:

And not even 10 minutes later:

On Tuesday evening we were at Thomas's Uncle Jon and Aunt Harriet's house - and we had sushi for dinner! So we had a very multi-ethnic food day. And an unexpected snow storm.


The surprise snow storm:

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