Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morning

We got up early-ish and I talked to my family on skype for a bit before heading over to Grandma Driver's house for a yummy breakfast... and present opening! I'm such a little kid... I was bouncing in my seat all through breakfast just waiting to open presents :) Robert, Thomas, and Timothy recited Luke chapter 2 (the Christmas story) by heart... they've been doing it every Christmas since they were itty bitty. It was so cool listening to them! I'm going to have to memorize it for next year.
And then... we got to open presents! yay!

The Christmas tree, with all the presents around it

Me and Thomas

The presents from my family in South Africa - I stuffed our borrowed stockings with them and piled them on the chair :) We got some really cool African stuff!

Cute Christmas dishes set for Christmas breakfast :)

And then we opened the prezzies!
Me and the long-suffering Thomas wearing the plastic crowns from our Christmas crackers :)

Me with my new purse :)

Robert and Thomas opening presents

Timothy and Grandma Driver opening presents

Thomas was (and still is) super duper excited about his new GPS navigator!

It's suitably called a "TomTom" :)

It was a really fun morning! Next post, Christmas dinner with the Driver family :)

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