Saturday, December 26, 2009

Making Mince Pies!

Mince pies are a Christmas tradition in the Pate family (and in England in general)... and I wasn't about to have Christmas without them! Grandma Driver found some mincemeat at a store somewhere in Roseburg, and I made the pastry for the little mince pies. I made a big mince pie as well, for the Americans :)
Grandma Driver is amazing and thoughtful and she ordered some mince pies and Christmas pudding from somewhere online before I even got to Roseburg! So we had proper store-bought ones as well!

Here are some pictures of the mince pie making :)

We love Grandma Driver! :)
The finished product :)

This is the big one that I made:
We had a tea party with mince pies on Christmas Eve night :) I was delighted that Robert and Timothy actually liked them (and Grandma Driver)... normally they are what you call an "acquired taste" :) Thomas, however, does not like them very much... we'll work on him!

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