Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our First Anniversary!

We went to Bandon, Oregon for a night to celebrate our first wonderful year of marriage. Bandon is right on the coast, and we stayed at a little place called "Bandon Beach Motel" with a beautiful ocean view. It was right near the edge of a cliff with the waves crashing below on the beach. We actually opened the door to the balcony off our room and listened to the waves all night! It was a little cold, but worth it :)
We took a whole bunch of pictures of the sunset and on the beach, and then we went to the "Wheelhouse" Restaurant for dinner, and we had some delicious seafood - shrimp salad, halibut (Sarah), and red snapper (Thomas). Best fish I've ever tasted! I forgot to take pictures, sadly, but it was beautifully presented.
The next morning we got up and walked around Bandon's Old Town, and had fish and chips from Bandon Fish Market... yummy! I haven't had proper fish 'n chips since I was back in England in 2007. The rest of the day was spent driving down to Portland (and picking up Robert and Timothy in Roseburg along the way).

Driving to Bandon in our new car, with the new GPS on the dashboard telling us where to go :)

The view through the glass window in our room

The beach from the cliffs above

Standing on the cliff

The two of us

Me "touching" a big rock out at sea :)

A kind man offered to take a picture of us :)

Beautiful sunset

We got a couple pictures of the beach and the town before the sun went down

There was this cool rock with a tunnel through which waves came crashing

Me about to get swallowed by a big wave

The next morning, the view from our balcony

It was warm and sunny - around 60 degrees Fahrenheit!

I thought this rock was really cool :)

Thomas took an artsy picture

We had a hard time taking a picture of ourselves - the sun was so bright we couldn't open our eyes!

10 pictures later, we finally got a semi-decent one :)

This is the little place where we stayed - we had a room facing over the ocean

We had fish and chips for an early lunch before heading out

It was sooooo yummy! I drenched mine in vinegar, true to my English roots :) Thomas thinks vinegar is nasty, and had to sit far away from me so he couldn't smell it, haha :)

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