Monday, August 8, 2011

Our {BIG} little surprise

We thought it was about time to let the world in on a little secret we've been keeping for 12 weeks.

{It took us a good 8 weeks just to get over the shock!}

 Surprise! There will be a Baby Congdon joining our family somewhere around February 21st, 2012!
In shock, but happy!
{The Tusker shirt behind Thomas's onesie makes me laugh. Kenya people will get that.}
Our sweet friend Haley found this PERFECT bib for Baby Congdon!

We told my family while we were in England, and we told the Congdon family while we were in Oregon at the reunion.
Both sides of the family were thrilled :)

Baby Congdon even got his/her own mini Congdon reunion shirt!

{Speaking of the Congdon family reunion, that will be my next post! Or two posts, since there are lots of pictures!}

The month of travels has now come to an end and we are settling back into our Dallas home, and starting to think and plan more seriously for this next big stage in our lives.
Baby Congdon has turned our lives upside down! In a good way, of course.
We can't wait to meet him/her!
{I'm pretty convinced that it's a "him"... but Thomas is less sure}

For those of you who might want to know all the details... I started a little anonymous baby blog right when we found out about Baby Congdon and I have been writing updates over there :) Click HERE if you want to read more!


  1. Whooop! Congratulations. I'm so excited for you!

    I wondered if you were pregnant when you left that comment on my blog saying you had a secret! Eeek!

  2. amazing!!! :D
    <3<3<3 can't wait to see a mini-sarah-thomas!

  3. Congratulations! Exciting news. Hope you are able to come to Columbia some time and see Matt and Haley (and us).


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