Friday, August 19, 2011

Congdon Family Reunion (post 1)

This post is about three weeks late, but very necessary!
Also, there are LOTS of pictures, so I'll have to do at least 2 posts.

So, I left England super early in the morning on July 29th and flew straight to Dallas, where I met Thomas in the airport, and then we flew straight to Portland. We arrived in Portland around 10pm, but in England time it was 6am and I had been travelling for 24 hours. I was pretty exhausted, but we had some exciting news to break to Thomas's brothers so I managed to stay awake a while longer!

Here's the video of when we told them... lots of laughter!
(Sorry about the bouncyness/jerkiness/sideways-ness, I was videoing with my phone)

In case you're wondering what the baby onesie said... "My Uncles Robert, Timothy, Stephen, James & Paul are AWESOME".

We spent the weekend having a mini family reunion with just Thomas's parents and brothers.

On Sunday evening, we went to dinner at Jon & Harriet's house ... Phil & Jenny and their family were all there too!
I count 4 computers/iPads in this picture. Haha.

The musical Congdons... piano and cello.

Ben and Bekah.
Playing games.

On Monday we drove out to the big family reunion at Camp Magruder, on the Oregon coastline near the Twin Rocks.

Figuring out where we were going...

We all eventually got there, but somehow the two different cars took completely different routes!

The first meeting.
Already yawning... tsk, tsk :)

The back of the room, where the babies and little ones played.
Mass chaos before the family pictures on Tuesday.

Each of the twelve sibling's families had a different color shirt. We were red. 
We are organized clockwise in birth order of the twelve siblings (starting at 12 o'clock).
Grandma Congdon is in the pink shirt sitting in the middle of the circle!
All the grandchildren (there are 59 in total, 3 or 4 were missing), and their spouses, and the great-grandchildren (13 in total... it will be 14 when our Baby Congdon is born in February!)
The twelve siblings with their mother.

The eleven spouses of the siblings :)
The four original "outlaws"... Harriet, Melody, Nancy, and Jenny :)
Being their crazy selves :)
 And here is Mama C doing the limbo under a wire as we walked over to get pictures of the outlaws :)
(Sorry, that picture just had to be posted :) )

With two more outlaws... Sarah and Angela.

The lovely ladies of the Jim Congdon family :)

I think I'll end this post for now... there were individual family pictures taken, but I didn't get any on my camera... I'll add them in if I ever get a hold of them.

Post #2 will also be full of pictures... swimming in the lake, archery, the MANY small children of the extended Congdon family, campfires and other fun stuff.

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