Monday, February 21, 2011

Thomas's little project

So if you've read recent posts, you'll know that we just bought a TV and an Xbox 360 Kinect. We don't have cable or anything, so we don't get any TV channels... we just use it for the Xbox, and watching movies on Netflix. On Saturday evening Thomas found this YouTube tutorial on how to build your own TV antenna out of wire coat-hangers and a few other things (click here if you want to see the tutorial)... so off he went traipsing around Dallas finding all the parts. He came home an hour or so later with everything and got to work.

This is what my engineer husband does for fun.

The finished product, with the cable going to the TV. I think it looks like some kind of destructive weapon.

But it actually works... we get like 8 different channels. It was quite exciting when we hooked it all up and it worked. We didn't really expect it to.
Thomas was quite chuffed with himself. He even asked me to blog about it :)
So cute.
[Hi Thomas :)]

So yeah. We have 8 whole channels, and I think only one of them is in English... the ABC channel. The rest are in Spanish. Haha.
We'll get for-real TV when I'm done with my classes. It would be too much of a distraction right now.

Speaking of classes, this is my little [BIG] project until March 10th.
Somehow, it will all get done.
* Sigh *

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